How do I grow start to do my garden landscape?

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  • Dorth Dorth on Feb 03, 2018
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    sure it is fairly smooth, add some i suggest taking a small oval area of ground, digging up any grass or weeds and make a nice sharp edge arou.nd it. Make

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Feb 03, 2018
    Start by drawing out your yard and deciding where you want garden areas, what size and shape you want them come next. Try to be somewhat accurate with the drawings so that you will be able to see how the gardens will fit in with the house, trees, sidewalks, etc. Plot out your gardens in the grass using hoses, twine, rope, whatever you want. You can always increase the size later and start smaller if you want. Remove the grass from the areas, if you have a tiller, till to break up the soil. You will want to add garden soil, and sterilized manure for sure to richen the soil. Top soil is what is under the grass and it does not have the nourishment to have really healthy plants. Be generous with the soil and such that you add, if it is a large area, you will want to mix in at least three to four inches between them, not just one since they are new gardening plots. Once you have your areas cleaned and ready, you can start bringing in plants, I would do one area at at time. Try to go with taller plants when they are mature at the back if it is up by the house, if it is in an area by itself, taller in the middle. St the plants in the pots where you would like them, so that you can see if they are where you want them. Make sure to put them the right distances from other plants for when they are mature size.. Plant them as instructed, You may want to leave a little room for bulbs you may want to plant in the fall for early spring flowers. Make sure you fertilize, use a good one, and renew as instructed on the package. You can do on the soil or foliar for flowers, soil only if you plant a veggie garden. I hope this helps you!