How to complete a fence enclosure

how to save money or 'raise' money for a project to build a perimeter fence along the front and side of my residence that faces a public conc. walkway. I have half of the material for the fence but need to finish it off with a really good wrought iron ( that's real solid steel bars with 'sharp' edging to keep the vermin out [meaning people in general because I border a bus stop and they seem to think they can step upon my yard and destroy my bushes, steal my fruit, and leave their trash, like used diapers, etc.] How can you folks help ?

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  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jun 17, 2018
    Go to second hand supply stores-like the Restore, they carry this kind of thing. There are also recycle stores that have more of what you may need.
    There are also websites where people either give stuff away or let it go really cheaply. Just cannot think of the name of them off the top of my head...maybe Facebook, or Let It Go. Sometimes there are local communities with a surplus of items and are willing to trade-barter.
    Maybe a part time job or overtime if it is available, good luck to you and your project.

  • Twice I typed a long response and both were gobbled up by the site refreshing itself spontaneously. Let's try again.

    Get bids from local iron fabricators - here in CA it requires a separate license. May not be as expensive as you think. But you do not know till you receive bids.

    In the interim, I would string up a chicken wire fence as a temporary measure. Check your local building codes first though. I would be sure to document the trash and vandalism. I would post no trespassing signs and no littering signs too and put local authorities on notice. I would also install security cameras too.

    So sad a few ruin it for everyone.

  • 27524803 27524803 on Jun 17, 2018
    Depending on the local City building codes... you may not be able to put up a fence tall enough to stop people from getting into the yard... Have you tried calling the City Department of Transportation and asking that the bus stop be moved.. because the people using it are leaving trash like the diapers, and are trespassing on your property.... you can also request that they have some one come out and clean it up... or that they put in a trash can (some cities already do that) for the bus riders to use.
    Plant bushes like cactus or Roses... things with THORNS... bougainvillea is beautiful and very thorny.. well inside the property line.... where invaders have to physically be ON your property... not just close to it.... if they get stuck... it is on them.. Once you get your fence up... add the thorny bushes...