Asked on Apr 02, 2017

How to convert an above ground pool into a natural pool?

Emily Diaz
by Emily Diaz
How can I convert an above ground swimming pool into a natural swimming pool without spending a fortune? I'm fixing up our backyard for the spring and summer and every year we always plant new flowers, but the pool remains an eye sore. We haven't used it in several years because it needs a new filter and pump system, a new liner, and the wall is rusted and has several small holes. Normally, what we do is put a smaller pool inside of it, along with a few chairs and tiki bar and palm tree. And it's usually a nice setup because we can't afford all the necessary repairs to make the pool fully functional. We've been happy with it, but lately I've seen a lot of DIY natural pool projects on Pinterest and such and I'd like to give a try and see if it will work. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
This is our usual summer fix up.
Tiki bar and chairs and a palm tree inside the pool area.
And a smaller pool as well. Feels like our own small private paradise.
This is what it looks like now. Pre-summer set up. This year I wanna do something different.
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  • Linda kelley Linda kelley on Apr 02, 2017

    I think you are so creative! I love the above

  • Emily Diaz Emily Diaz on Apr 04, 2017

    Thanks! I may just do it this way again if I can't figure out how to convert it the way I want. But I'd still like to fix up the outer wall a bit. Maybe patch up the holes and give it a new paint job.

    • Junia Lomax Junia Lomax on Apr 11, 2017

      You could go around the outside with fencing sections, latice or cover it with bamboo screening. I like your set up. It is like your own private island.

  • Margaret Margaret on Apr 05, 2017

    It is not that hard to take the old pool down My two daughters and I took ours down in a afternoon. Once you take the liner out unscrew the part of the wall by the filter hole and begin to roll it up like a carpet. you can do most anything with your new space