Is it easy to set up a rain barrel ?

All of our water comes from a well and when it gets dry around here I hate having to use all the water for my plants not in the ground.
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  • Gregg Gregg on Jun 20, 2017
    It is not very difficult, if you have downspouts on your gutters. I have 2 set up, and get most of my plant water from them. Look at the design of the barrel, some come with an adapter, that you cut out a section of the downspout. When the barrel is full, the water simply goes back down through to the ground. Others fill from just cutting the downspout off above the barrel, and diverting the water into the top of it.

  • Just Retired Just Retired on Jun 20, 2017
    Very easy. They sell rain barrels that look very eye appealing and aren't too expensive. You sit it in the back corner of your house where your downspout is. Remove a section of the downspout and let it then flow directly into the rain barrel. We've used ours for years and I'm very happy with it.

  • Angela Cosner Angela Cosner on Jun 20, 2017
    My garage has no gutters and I keep a line of 5 gallons buckets where the water falls and I pick them up from there.

  • Susan Susan on Jun 21, 2017
    Sandra, I too have a well and here are a couple of ways you can save water to water your potted plants: Put a dollar store dishpan in your kitchen sink to catch the water that would just go down the drain, like when you wash your hands, rinse off vegetables, etc. You'll be surprised how much water you can get. If you have pets, you can dump their water bowl on a plant when you give the pet fresh water. Put a bucket or dishpan in the shower with you and catch extra water. If you boil vegetables, like potatoes, or eggs, let the water cool and water your plants with it. Look around and you'll discover ways to catch otherwise wasted water for your plants. Also, if you have access to your washing machine drain hose (like in the garage), you can attach a hose to it and move it around your yard when you wash clothes to water your in-ground plants and trees.

  • Judy Judy on Jun 21, 2017
    I have mine under a down spout, and this is fine. We must be wise as to the use of our water. If you have once certain direction outside your home, that gets alot of water, then this is the one to use. Best wishes, J.

  • Sandra Parker Sandra Parker on Jun 22, 2017
    Thanks everyone. I am going to install a rain barrel. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.