My garden area's dirt is rock hard! what to do?

by Pam10122468
Taking a shovel to this area just doesn't work! Is there a product out there to help soften the dirt with enough power to help things grow and that won't kill my back while adding it?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 03, 2017

    Yes there is but will take a long time for amending.Apply gysum which will start to break the soil down,then you will have to add peat moss and a good garden soil.In the mean time try doing container plantings based on your planting zone until the ground will be soft enough to plant.

  • William William on Apr 03, 2017

    You can rent a tiller and till the soil. Then amend the soil with composted manure, peat moss, and some garden soil. Till that into the soil.

  • Grandmasue10 Grandmasue10 on Apr 05, 2017

    You can try composting right on the soil. You have to keep compost slightly damp and turn it often. Soil always need something added. You can use boards to make a slightly raised garden, and fill it with bags of soil. Anything you do seems to cost $$$.

  • Lana Shepherd Lana Shepherd on Apr 05, 2017

    I ordered a "meadow Creature" that is the most wonderful broadfork. It was able to pierce rock hard soil in a 4-year old paddock. It is costly, but a tool that does it all. Soil, compacted earth, gravel (driveway) etc.

    Also soaking the earth with water may help. But the broadfork doesn't hurt your back, cause you use your body weight to drive it into dirt and body weight to lift the dirt.

  • Kim Kim on Apr 05, 2017

    i drive around in th fall and pick up everybodys bagged leaves and put on my garden

    for all winter then till them in come spring

    im keeping their waste out of the landfill and composting at the same time

  • Touchedpainter Touchedpainter on Apr 05, 2017

    I have to grow in raised beds. Go to Home Dpt or Lowes & get landscape timber or ask them what is best. Make square or rectangle shapes, fill with dirt, Garden centers will truck it in. I have to grow in that. Or go to & put in search engine "raised bed gardening"