The only place I can start a garden is in shade. What can I plant?

I want to grow some vegetables. But, the only place that's available on my property is in a shaded area. It never gets direct sunlight. What will grow well in shade?
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  • Wanda Glass Wanda Glass on Jun 09, 2017
    Hostas, rhododendron , acuba, ferns

  • Tyleen Johnson Tyleen Johnson on Jun 09, 2017
    None of those are vegetables. Veggies need sun

  • Suzette Suzette on Jun 09, 2017
    Hi Trizzino, If you want to plant veggies, here's a good link!

  • Elaine Elaine on Jun 09, 2017
    You may be out of luck as most produce needs many hours of sunlight. Google the vegetables you are thinking of and see the minimum hours of sunlight they each require and you will then get your question answered. The only way I can think of that may help you is if you live in a very sunny environment, such as Florida, in which case, the "reflected light" MIGHT help a bit on the shady spot but I still think you may have to have another plan. How about just planting pretty ferns, hostas, etc. in the shady area and plant some vegetables in pots that you can move to sunny areas?

  • Tri21297166 Tri21297166 on Jun 09, 2017
    All great recommendations. Thanks for sharing. The link was an excellent resource and I'm kicking myself for not thinking of planting a "mobile garden". Thanks again!