wine bottle fountain

I'm looking for the instructions on how to make the wine bottle fountain. Thank You
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  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Feb 02, 2013
    @LaTaine Mullins - @Hiline Builders Inc. posted that he is going to make one of these. Here is the link to his post - - perhaps he has instructions he can share. Good luck and please keep us updated. Thanks for posting.

  • Hiline Builders Inc. Hiline Builders Inc. on Feb 02, 2013
    I have not followed up on making one of these only because I haven't had the time or resources to go looking for a wine rack that would work. Other than finding that, the only slightly difficult part would be drilling the holes in the bottom of the bottles without breaking them. But at least they're cheap and easy to replace, (that's the fun part). Once the holes are drilled you would need to insert tubing into the bottles, (I can see they concealed the tubing with some fake, or real, camouflage), run the tubes to a pump which is submerged in whatever vessel of water you choose to use. You would need a splitter for the tubing which would allow you to run 1 hose out of the pump and split, (divide ), it into 3 lines, 1 for each bottle. So, once you find- A wine rack, some cool bottles, a pump that pumps about 5 gal. per minute, about 10 feet of rubber tubing around 1/2"-3/4" diameter, a water vessel, and some decorative rocks, and some plastic, or real ivy, 90% of the work is done/ Hope this helps.

  • Hiline Builders Inc. Hiline Builders Inc. on Feb 02, 2013
    Did my instruction post go up?? I'm not seeing it.

      @Hiline Builders Inc. I have not found your post nor the directions for making one of these wine bottle fountains. Help. Thank you in advance.

  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Feb 02, 2013
    @Hiline Builders Inc. - I see your instructions - looks easy enough to follow. These types of wine racks can usually be found in home stores like Home Sense and the discount home stores in the malls - usually plentiful at Christmas. Thanks for posting the instructions, will bookmark and try to add this to my pond in the summer, if it ever gets here LOL.