Would like some landscaping ideas for under the shade of a sugar maple

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 14, 2017

  • Allyson Weaver Gills Allyson Weaver Gills on Jun 14, 2017
    Hosta....there are several varieties.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 14, 2017
    Ground covering plants. Just dont put down alot of dirt and mulch. The roots need to breathe and get plenty of water

  • Julie Herr Julie Herr on Jun 14, 2017
    Under our trees we have a variety of variegated hostas, heucheras, astilbe, cranesbill geranium, Japanese Ferns, Japanese Anemone, Toad Lily, variegated Solomon Seal, and some bearded tongue. e

  • Bam24686315 Bam24686315 on Jun 14, 2017
    Maples tend to produce root balls of dense fibrous roots that make it difficult to get many deep rooted plants to grow well. It is also difficult to dig in these areas. I planted candytuft under mine. Through the years it has grown into some nice mounds covered in profuse white blooms in the spring. It stays green all year.