Raised Flower Bed

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4 Hours

I wanted to cover some of my carport without putting up walls. I came up with building a flower bed and growing flowers that would eventually do the job. I found white rock that had been covered by dirt over the years. So a raised flower bed would work better for me. The cost depends of the cost of the materials. I let my friends know that I take any free plants. This has helped me use those first and then fill in the ones I need to buy. The smaller plants are cheaper too. Have fun and use what you have available or can pick up for cheap.

The completed raised flower bed along the carport. Red Canna Lillies in the back and different Dalia flowers in the front with two small Rose of Sharon bushes. Depending on the plants you use this can give you privacy. Look for plants that will grow tall and wide. Plants that will spread like the Canna Lillies will also fill in too. Remember you can start small and let them grown in. This will save money. The bigger the plant the more it will cost.

The first layer of Bricks. These are mostly in the ground but I have to level the land so the next two layers that you see will be level. Take your time with this layer. I found these bricks at Habitat for Humanity for $.20 but bought all 250 they had. Keep an eye on Facebook market as you can find a good deal there too. I don't buy bricks for more than $.50. The more you pay for the bricks the more this project will cost.

Now that the first layer is level the length of the flower bed it is ready for the next layer.

The second layer of brick added making sure it is even with the ground and driveway.

The third layer of brick added and it's starting to look level and like a raised flower bed. Time to get the dirt in it.

The garden soil added and now it's ready for planting. I used Garden soil but Raised Bed soil will work too. In the beginning of the season Lowes and Home Depot have a sale 5 for $10. I used 25 bags so make sure you wait for a sale.

Different angle of the bed completed. If you can maybe a truckbed scoop of dirt will work too.

Red Canna Lillies planted along the back. These were given to me by a friend who didn't want them anymore. Two very small Rose of Sharon bushes planted. These I bought for $25 each after trying to grow from seeds given to me for free two years in a row with no success. I put some garden terracotta bunnies and solar lights in the flower bed so it didn't look like a bed of black dirt.

This is an updated picture. The Canna Lillies were transplanted to a different location and only the 2 Rose of Sharon plants stayed. I didn't trim them and allowed them to fill out. These take several years but are well worth the wait.

Suggested materials:
  • Bricks - a lot - picked them up for $.20 each   (Habitat for Humanity)
  • Garden soil or Raised bed soil - 25 bags - 5 for $10 sale   (Home Depot)
  • Plants - grows big and wide work the best   (Friend and Garden center)
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  • William William on May 12, 2022

    Great looking raised bed. Love the contrast in the different colored bricks. Adding some landscape fabric and/or mulch would prevent any weeds. Great share

    • Denise Regnier Denise Regnier on May 14, 2022

      That's definitely an option. I did not place anything like that because the red clay soil here in GA along with the once white rock in that location is similar to a concrete. lol No grass or weeds would be able to grow in there.

  • Marge76543 Marge76543 on May 13, 2022

    Love how this looks. We live in Texas and our county has a compost facility. We were able to purchase Bioselect for our raised beds at a great savings. So it's worth checking to see if your area has something similar.