Repurposing a Playset

When the boys grew up enough not to use this, I had a very large elephant in my backyard. Then I got an Idea. I had the swing arm, slide and jungle gym ladder removed leaving only the fort. Then I turned the fort into garden. Mandeville's are climbing up the legs and intertwine in the rails. A multi-colored Lantana and a yellow Lantana will fill in the two front sides. My youngest still likes to climb up in the fort. Its his thinking spot. In the entry there is a small bird feeder that the tree won't hold. It echoes the fort in miniature. The birds are all over it.
Yellow Lantana
Repurposed Fort playset
Red Mandeville

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  • Natalie Scarberry Natalie Scarberry on Jul 26, 2013
    Great idea! The Mandevilla is such a beautiful color too.
  • Nita Johnson Nita Johnson on Jul 30, 2013
    I took the old swingset that my mother gave me for the boys for Christmas and turned it into a hanging basket holder from top to the sides too. Used plastic white chain at different lengths and hung a varied garden of color and startings. I left the love seat swing so I can still enjoy and get peace and contentment from it. Lost one of my sons when he was four so it is a very special spot for me.