From a Chair to a Floral Throne

Turn a chair into a floral throne using chicken wire. To start, this Hometalker took a dining room chair and removed the seat. From there, she shaped a chicken wire basket around a coco coir liner. To finish, she stapled her mesh to the rim of the seat and inserted the liner. Finally, she added the flowers and gave them time to blossom. Get tutorial here

Wonderful Chicken Wire Fence for Decks

Give your decking some pizzazz with this chicken wire fence. After removing the original railings, ToolBox Divas made rectangle panels. Once complete, she secured chicken wire to the backs using heavy-duty staples. To complete the look, she added strips of wood to hide the staples. When the chicken wire frame was ready, she screwed them into place for a fantastic new look. Get tutorial here

Fabulous Fall Wreath from Chicken Wire

Whether it’s fall, spring or the festive season, this chicken wire wreath is perfect. The key to recreating this piece is to paint the wire beforehand. Once she’d allowed the paint to dry, Jane rolled it into a tube and dropped in pine cones. Finally, she fashioned the wire into a circle and stapled it to a pallet board. Get tutorial here

Bring the Outside Inside with Chicken Wire Trees

For a touch of the outside inside, Patina took a piece of leftover bead board and cut it into a triangle. From there, a wooden measuring tape provided a perfect frame for the chicken wire insert. Finally, Patina painted the boards, wrapped around the chicken wire and added faux greenery for a neat homage to a Christmas tree. Get tutorial here

Picture Perfect: Chicken Wire Frame

Taking a standard picture frame, this Hometalker removed the backing and cut a piece of chicken wire to size. With the wire in hand, they started in the top right corner and stapled across the top beam, stretching out any crinkles in the process. To finish this chicken wire frame, she added felt to the corners to stop it scratching her walls. Get tutorial here

Make Memories with Chicken Wire

After removing the glass inserts, Joy stretched chicken wire across the backs of these frames. Her tip is to cut the wire so that it sits halfway between the inner and outer edges of the frame. Make sure you staple the wire to the main frame and not the inner rim. Once the inserts were finished, Joy painted these chicken wire frames and pegged on her memos. Get tutorial here

Beautiful Chicken Wire Basket

This chicken wire basket from Courtney is as simple as it is stylish. Proving a sleek look, this piece required nothing more than wire and staples. First, Courtney rolled chicken wire into a cone, ensuring the bottom was thinner than the top. Finally, after pinching the end to stop flowers falling through, she stapled it to her wall and dropped in a bouquet. Get tutorial here

Fantastic Farmhouse Wire Lamp

With chicken wire, you can give your lamp a rustic look. Taking a tabletop lamp, Amy measured the shade and cut chicken wire 6” longer than required. From there, she wrapped it around the shade. To finish, she trimmed the wire to size, secured with craft wire and folded over the excess to complete this simple yet effective piece. Get tutorial here

Stylized Shelves with Chicken Wire

For this project, the DIY Doghouse built a three-side shelf ¼” and ½” boards. Once she’d stained the piece and added a logo on the backboard, it was time to stylize. Taking a length of chicken wire, she straightened it out and cut it to size. From there, she stapled it to the back and bottom for a stylish, secure set of shelves. Get tutorial here

A Great Gift Idea Using Chicken Wire

For the cutest gift, try this chicken wire basket. Taking two strips of steel wire, this Hometalker bent them into rings. From there, she rolled chicken wire and wrapped the ends around the rings to create a cylinder. To finish, she pinched the wire ¾ of the way down the cylinder to create a vase shape before adding faux moss and flowers. Get tutorial here

Wicked DIY Wood and Wire Trellis

The fantastic thing about this trellis is that the stunning facade covers what’s an otherwise unattractive back. To ensure the trellis was strong enough to cope with climbing plants, Kim used heavy-duty staples. By using double-S staples, she was able to hold her thick wire in place before adding the necessary decoration. Simple. Get tutorial here

Fantastic Faux Chicken Wire Frame

If the thought of working with chicken wire fills you with fear, this faux chicken wire frame is a fantastic alternative. Sarah didn’t like the sharp edges of real wire, which is why she chose wire ribbon instead. After dismantling a picture frame and painting it in grey chalk paint, she stapled ribbon to the back and added mini pegs for decoration. Get tutorial here

Delightful DIY Wire Deer

If you love animals but don’t like taxidermy, try this. For this project, Rebekah started out by making two cones. The larger cone formed the neck, while the smaller one (3/4 the size of the neck) became the head. After pinching the end of the head to form the nose, Rebekah completed her head by rolling antlers and sticking it to the wall. Get tutorial here

Picturesque Chicken Wire Planters

To add some color to her yard, Amy dismantled pallets and turned them into a fence. Cutting the uprights to size, she brought the structure together with cross-beams before adding a coat of paint. For the finale, Amy cut chicken wire into triangles and rolled them into cones. Finally, she stapled them to the wood for a floral chicken wire fence. Get tutorial here

From Linen Bin to Wonderful Wire Lampshade

You don’t always have to wrap chicken wire yourself. For this lampshade, Amy took a wire linen bin, removed the insert and discarded the lid. From there, she removed the candlestick lights from a lantern, sprayed it white and flipped the chicken wire basket on its head. To finish, she hung the lights and attached the frame using thin florist wire. Amazing! Get tutorial here