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Had to go back to basics to scare the birds out of my veg. garden.
So I made this little fella.
Had some old pool pipes lying around
Had a old broom stick
Had a old Christmas tree
Cable tied the broom and pipes together for back and arms
More pipes for the legs
Used the Christmas tree for the body. Cable tied all together.
Took a old cloth to wrap around an old pillow for the face.
Old wig and hat out of my Halloween box of tricks. Attached them all together. Gave it a personality and painted a face on it.
Put some old clothes on the fella and made a cape with cut garbage bags so it can move in the wind to scare the birds.
There it is, meet Kooelie. Although my dogs did not like him in the beginning and kept baking at him for about 2 days, they did get use to him. He is part of our family now.

He works very well and gives my garden a homely look.
Suggested materials:
  • Plastic pipe   (Old swimming pool pipes)
  • Broomstick   (Old one from home)
  • Cable ties   (Had some at home)
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