Simple Hummingbird Bath

by Mazzey
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I love Hummingbirds! And I'm always on the lookout for every possible way to attract them to our yard. The tutorial on caught my eye.
Beth created a bath for hummingbirds using a oil drip pan.
I loved the look of her bath but..did'nt want to purchase a oil pan,
and I don't trust myself drilling or cutting anything with power tools! rocks..from our old aquarium
The scavenger hunt was on! Out in the garage...I was ellated when I found rocks..and tubing leftover from when we had an aquarium.

Also a square 8 gallon flower pot with no holes.

Pulled the blue serving tray out of the closet...

and the coffee table was a find hidden in the back corner at our local flea market. Costing only $12 because of its very worn condition and missing the glass insert. But to me all the dings and scratches just give it more character.
Hid Solar pump battery behind window box
Cleaned everything..from table to aquarium things. Placed the table inbetween our benches on the front porch. The table has a shelf underneath and the flower pot fit there nicely. Filled it with water..added the pump with tubing

so it extended above the water. And I used two of the big rocks to keep the

pump in place. This took a bit of trial and error..but I got it!
Favorite spot for watching hummers
Got out my handy duck tape and taped the handle shut on one side of the serving tray. Placed it on top of the flower pot. Then filled the tray with

the glass stones.

Added the extra aquarium tubing ( already has holes in them) to the pump..

turned the solar pump on..elevating the tray with flat rocks so the overflow

would run back down into the pot.

Family and friends visiting can't pass up this favorite sitting spot to watch the hummingbirds play..bathe..and eat. ( feeder is hanging just centered from the fountain )

.I always put out wedges of watermellon..the hummers love the treat

especially on days when the temps are really up there.

And then when the little hummers have left for the night...we still enjoy the running fountain because of the battery backup with lights.
I used a strand of fake leaves and more stones to cover the pump wire

on the table..and one stone to keep the sprayer in place.
water tight flower pot
Large flower pot I used for the pump
controll house
Controll house for solar pump
Aquarium tubing works great with solar pump
Suggested materials:
  • Square coffee table   (Flea market)
  • 8 gallon flower pot   (leftover from other project)
  • Aquarium plants   (Walmart)
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  • Mary Gibson Mary Gibson on Aug 02, 2016
    How often do you clean it? Plastic gets slimy when water sets in it to long.
  • Sherry Myers Sherry Myers on May 27, 2017

    What size pump did you use?

  • Jennytatts Jennytatts on May 28, 2017

    Any chance you can post the link to the solar pump you purchased on Amazon?

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  • Mandycat8888 Mandycat8888 on May 27, 2017

    Hi Mazzey, What a beautiful and inviting spa you have created for the tiny flying jewels. I give you an A+.

    • Mazzey Mazzey on May 27, 2017
      Thanks Mandycat8888 Love the lil hummers ! Warm days and sound of water really attract them along with the feeders. Mazzey
  • Debbie Cumbow Debbie Cumbow on Mar 10, 2019

    What a pretty way you've created this bird bath.

    💚 I love it and can't wait to try it myself when summer gets here! I thought I might find a right angle bit of tubing to run into the center of the "pond pointing up that'd create a mini fountain. It'd be held down by stones in the bottom of the pond. If it works I'll post pix!☺

    • Mazzey Mazzey on Mar 11, 2019

      Thank u Debbie,

      sounds like the perfect pond for your hummers too!

      only a few more weeks before the hummers return! Yah!

      Hummers are our reward for suffering thru those endless months

      of each Winter.