SK's Garden Trellis

I discovered some amazing broken oak branches twisted and smothered by plain old ivy. These absolutely needed to be saved.
I had the perfect bare spot for my creation. Bordering a little pond.The view is wonderful but needed a reason for people to pause and reflect.
I’m walking the summer garden, while looking over the hill I spy two broken and downed trees. These smaller oak trees had been killed by the death grip of plain old ivy. Some of the ivy vines were an inch thick. These poor oaks never had a chance.
As the winter ice had grown heavy on the oak and ivy it could no longer hold it’s own weight and snapped.
We get the trusty old come-a-long and chains and haul them both up to the backyard.
They both are worn, bedraggled and look like they need to be used as firewood. NO WAY! Hey let’s build an arbor…
Ron sighed resignedly. He dives in cutting the grass back twelve feet and levels the area. Of course there has to be a step. What were you thinking?
If you know Ron, you know that he is a sweety. Just remember I am working too. But I am the only one to take pictures. So I can't prove it.
We embed four tall steel rods into concrete for strength. Then start to wire the curved trees to steel posts, overlapping the limbs at the center. We then cut stray limbs off to make the arbor more symmetrical.
Looks pretty bad at this point. But in my mind I could see it at the height of summer. Mind you, Ron still can’t see what I am envisioning. He just plugs along.
Oh Wait…We need a bench so people can enjoy the view. Right? Wait, it gets better. To get to the bench we need stepping-stones. Agreed?
The stepping-stones are formed from concrete. Using a Lowes purchased form we poured them individually in the studio as it was raining cats and dogs outside. As they dried we took them out and placed them in the muddy dirt.
This is my stone form from Lowes. I lay out a large tarp in the studio and using bags of concrete and mixing it in a wheelbarrow I poured the stones. As each set dried We set them outside to cure.
Now that the arbor is built we need to plant.
I found an old fence and designed the seat so you could sit facing the valley or sit facing the yard. Simple? You would think so…I never think things through as thoroughly as I should. But Ron always makes it work.
Growing a little at a time.
Aw come on, you know this is funny. Alas this is only for fall. But fun nevertheless. On halloween I put dry ice behind each gravestone. Looked so cool.
Some people just have no sense of humor. Smile people. Smile
A cute wedding couple who requested SK as their wedding designer.
Another dreamy view.

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