Stunning Bronze Art by David Goode

In my humble opinion David Goode produces some of the most incredible bronze art that I have ever had the pleasure to view. Take a look - these wonderful creations fit beautifully in any interior or exterior design.
David Goode - Bronze Art

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  • Sharron W Sharron W on Jul 04, 2012
    My ONLY complaint...LOL is in the article all the prices are in pounds..., I'm not very good at calculating costs in AMERICAN money for goodness sake...cut me some slack and try to put pricing in both the currency of the artist and Dollars...PLEASE? YOU are absolutely dead on about everything else ou said about his work! He is AMAZING!!!! Also shared this on my FB page!
  • on Jul 04, 2012
    I did actually think about putting the price in US$ but the way the exchange rates fluctuate I wasn't sure if it would be a good idea or not. Currently the exchange rate is $1.57 to 1.00 British Pound. Thanks so much for sharing it on your FB - that's so helpful. Have a great day. Graham