Weigh in: Garden Gnomes: Are They Cute or Tacky?

Classical statues, animals, birdhouses... what isn't available to decorate your garden? But it begs the question: Are garden ornaments tasteful additions to the garden or something to be avoided?
Should garden ornaments be divided into categories: good, the bad and the ugly?
I don't know about you, but I tend to think that the most aesthetically pleasing garden ornaments are made with natural looking materials like wood, plaster, concrete or stone. They do not seem to be out of step with their natural surroundings and compliment the landscape best.
Last spring at my local garden centre the shelves lined with row upon row of brightly colored, plastic-looking garden gnomes. Obviously not everyone would agree with me.
Do these cute, plastic figures deserve a place in your garden this coming spring? It's your turn to weigh-in on garden gnomes. Are they cute or just plain tacky?
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Based on the row upon row of gnomes at this garden centre, someone must be buying them!
Even I have to admit this gnome is kinda cute.
I think this guy has had a few to many pieces of watermelon!
Put this croc in your pond and you won't have to worry about birds getting your fish!
Is this just rude or so rude it's funny?
Plastic raccoon for the garden? No thanks! I have enough problems with the real thing!
Now that's an attractive view!
So what's your opinion?

Three Dogs in a Garden
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  • Hazel Adams Hazel Adams on Apr 05, 2016
    I think that garden gnomes are kind of fun. However, I think that woodland animals are even better. I like your idea of using a racoon. http://www.consumermerchandise.nyc/np1-listing-dept-30110
    • KJH KJH on Mar 02, 2019

      Read that again, he said that he didn't like the raccoon.

  • Melody Stern Melody Stern on Jul 07, 2018

    Would put them up on the same level as pinwheels and pink flamingos!! Ok I suppose, if they are concrete and just peeking from behind a plant or shrub,but anything that just looks like a plastic doll shouldn't be in the garden,,,but that's just my opinion,and to each his own!My neighbor had the prettiest most elegant/admired garden on the block, but he has become a hoarder of all that plastic,colorful "stuff,adding more and more every week! Like the previous commenter stated, it looks like china at market place!!