When Should Your Landscaper and Architect Begin Working Together?

The simple answer to ‘when should your landscaper and architect begin working together’ is: from the start.

This Deck and Patio backyard oasis is a good example of that wisdom. Having garnered two prestigious awards for our firm, we believe such accolades are partially due to our early collaboration with the architect and builder in the planning stages. Working hand-in-hand with them, and with the owners, both the home’s architecture and the outdoor landscape became one seamless integration.
Our outdoor living expert, Bill Renter, supervised and helped plan and execute the project which included the landscape’s seven-foot-high cascading waterfall, meandering stream with three-foot-high “sheetfalling” waterfall, and two-foot-high spillway from the spa into the pool. Initial plans by the project’s architect for the house’s turret inspired our team to create curves in the backyard’s multi-level terracing design, as well as in the backyard’s centerpiece: a glorious freeform pool and spa.
In fact, the architect changed his own plans for the home’s turret so that views from inside the turret of our planned pool area oasis could be fully appreciated. In reference to this, the architect said, “Deck and Patio’s landscaping plan was so beautiful that the
windows had to be larger to fully appreciate the view. Now, when you stand inside the
bay of the turret, it is just like standing in the backyard.”
Design/Build Collaboration
Our collaboration with the architect and builder resulted in a seamless integration of landscape and nature with the architecture of the new house.
Design/Build Creativity
Our design and planning team also took into account what the view would be from inside the house as well as outside. For example, the eight-foot-high pondless waterfall can also be seen from inside. It is not just a beautiful focal point; it hides the pool equipment that local regulations require be put in the middle of the backyard.
Harmonious Landscaping and Architecture
The project’s patios and driveway, made of stunning natural earth-tone concrete tumbled pavers, were created by Bill Renter to appear as extensions of the geometric patterns and hues of the home’s Glen Gary brick.
Backyard Waterfalls
The waterfall is powered by a 10,000 GPH pump and is center-lined on the main axis of the house. It creates an enjoyable audio-visual impact which runs virtually year-round and can be enjoyed both day and night.
Obtaining Design/Build Town Permits
Using our 3-D animation program before the Town's architectural review board was an enormous help in explaining our detailed plans.The Town board was in awe of what we showed them. This aided in getting the permit granted, and is one of the reasons all our permits were approved in a fairly timely fashion
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