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Built by my husband & I out of repurposed/recycled (90%) items, mostly from our 1900's Craftsman home remodel.

We collected & laid reclaimed brick as our greehouse floor-Frame used was from an old greenhouse kit that could not survive our KY storms.

Where we started...this was complete for several years before we built our DIY Greenhouse. Reclaimed Brick & metal framing.

Frame built from free reclaimed cedar telephone poles, also used them for all 4 roof trusses. Bottom was sheeted in reclaimed tin roofing, removed during our house remodel.

old windows removed from our house remodel, as well as a few that we collected for low cost or free over the years & used for the Greenhouse walls.

Old louvered door was salvaged from our house remodel as well, making a perfect vented door for the greenhouse. Greenhouses need good air flow.

We did a rough fitting for with the windows we had & just fit them in as we went along. My husband is also a mechanical engineer. We have no plans & used no plans for this Greenhouse. I guess it is kind of an art project too. We also trimmed in the open top areas with Old poplar siding removed form our house remodel (we replaced with Hardie board siding). To think so many people throw all these things away during a remodel, so SAD!

Greenhouse after siding used to fill in the odd shaped gaps. A friend & co-worker gifted me this "Garden" sign & this was the perfect spot for it .

Hinges were added to the top windows & cabinet latches so windows can be propped open.

icon The Hello SUNSHINE Greenhouseicon

Finished Greenhouse as seen from our driveway

Front & side

Opposite side & front

This Greenhouse is my best garden tool.

Back side view of the Greenhouse.

My husband decided to add a little water tower...& we did purchase the tank new. This greenhouse has no electricity or running water near-by. I did add solar lights as well.

Photo of Greenhouse in Fall. I am able to use my Greenhouse here in KY all year as it does get some morning & afternoon shade.

I hope this inspires someone to get out there & build something special!

Suggested materials:

  • Reclaimed brick   (salvaged)
  • Old windows   (from house remodel)
  • Polycarbonite opaque roof   (Lowe's)
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