Our Pennsylvania Bluestone Patio Gets a Face Lift!

Mark and I do most all our home maintenance work, but something's we want done right...we call Jose! This year our backyard patio was our biggest project. Mark and I did all the prep work and Jose and his helper did the re-grouting!
Mark working to clear off the patio.
Our puppy wants to know what's-up!
Curly running for his life!
Mark and I share in the grunt work!
We got most of the cracked and worn grout work out by chipping away at it. My tools were a screwdriver and a hammer!
We swept away and used our shop vacuum before applying a cleaning solution.
Jose did a gr8 job with his helper.
We let the grout set for 3 days!
Mark scrubbed off the haze residue with a cleaner.
Last step...sealer is applied and the patio looks brand new!
Mark deserves a little siesta!
Pots I had on the patio before I've now placed in the garden...the added space is nice!
Outside our kitchen door I've added a juicing station.
Here I grow basil.
My husband has a Barbeque fetish!
Pots have a new spot in the garden.
Last year I converted a boat into a sandbox for our grandkids.
We do love our yard for dining out...this is our less formal patio/firepit. Notice the old washing machine drums? They make excellent firepits because the holes add to good circulation & heat comes out the holes!
Last year I refinished all our outside cedar furniture...this collection is over 20 years old now and almost looks new!
Every 3rd Saturday in August we have a Pig Roast and this is where Wilbur goes.
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