Patio Makeover: How We Created an Outdoor Dining Space

In this tutorial, I'll take you through the process of our patio makeover. We turned this beautiful outdoor dining area into a stunning space using affordable materials.

We used Belgard Dimensions Pavers in cream and charcoal for our design but of course, you can customize the colors to match your style.

We enlisted professionals for the installation to ensure precision and efficiency and to bring our patio makeover ideas to life. Here are the basic steps of what we did:

patio makeover, Patio before the makeover
Patio before the makeover

Tools and materials

  • Belgard Dimensions Pavers (12-inch x12-inch cream and 3-inch x12-inch charcoal)
  • Gray granite rock
  • Areca palms and hibiscus bushes
  • Café lights
  • Grill
  • Weatherproof tables and chairs
  • New fence materials
  • Landscaping plants and materials
patio makeover, Planned design for the pavers
Planned design for the pavers
patio makeover, Materials for the patio
Materials for the patio

Step 1: Planned and designed

We envisioned the layout of our patio and the diamond pattern we wanted. We used 12x12-inch cream pavers and 3x12-inch charcoal pavers from Belgard's Dimensions line to create a striking contrast.

patio makeover, Clearing the area for the patio
Clearing the area for the patio

Step 2: Prepared the area

We cleared the space where our patio was going to be installed. We removed any existing grass, weeds, and debris.We leveled the ground and ensured that it was compact and well-drained. This step was crucial for the paver's stability.

patio makeover, Hired professionals for installation
Hired professionals for installation

Step 3: Hired professionals

We decided to hire professionals for the installation to ensure a precise and efficient job. Installing pavers can be challenging and labor-intensive, so having a skilled crew made a significant difference.

patio makeover, Installing the pavers
Installing the pavers

Step 4: Installed the pavers

The installation crew laid the pavers in the diamond pattern we designed. They used the cream and charcoal pavers to create the desired contrast. The precise placement and alignment of each paver was critical for a polished finish.

patio makeover, Gray granite rock perimeter
Gray granite rock perimeter
patio makeover, Washing the perimeter
Washing the perimeter

Step 5: Added the perimeter

To give our patio a finished look, we lined the perimeter with gray granite rock. This not only added visual appeal but also helped secure the pavers in place.

patio makeover, Fencing and landscaping
Fencing and landscaping

Step 6: Put up a fence and landscaped

We installed a new fence to define the space and provide privacy. Then we planted areca palms and hibiscus bushes around the perimeter to enhance the ambiance and provide natural separation from the surroundings.

patio makeover, Patio and poolside lighting
Patio and poolside lighting

Step 7: Added lighting and furnished for ambiance

We strung café lights overhead to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for our outdoor dining area. We brought in a grill and budget-friendly, weather-proof tables and chairs to complete the patio.

patio makeover, New patio area
New patio area
patio makeover, Outdoor furniture
Outdoor furniture
patio makeover, Patio makeover
Patio makeover

Patio makeover

Now we enjoy our alfresco dining area with everything in place. We’ve achieved a high-end look using affordable materials and professional installation.

By choosing the right pavers and hiring professionals for installation, our patio makeover turned into a beautiful and functional alfresco dining area. Let us know what you think of these patio makeover ideas in the comments!

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  • Kathi Kathi on Nov 21, 2023
    This paver patio is just beautiful!! It’s too bad you covered up a good portion of it with that big table. (Unless you were planning a party!) A smaller table and maybe some planters, would really make your patio stand out
  • John John on Nov 25, 2023
    Love it!