SK Knee Deep In Concrete.

I love concrete. Carved, Molded, Stained. It's a great artist medium. Here are a few of my concrete projects. As I come across more pictures I will post. It's fun to remember. Document everything you create. There are so many fun things I have done and don't have a single picture to remember.
Before we poured and stamped the cobblestone walkways I embedded a hand water pump to use in my future pond.
My grandbabies under the water pump.
Yep. On my knees carving concrete. Who would do that????
I carved this slab into ribbons, ivy and leaves. Then I acid stained the different colors.
My initials are carved with ivy wrapped.
We poured and stamped the cobblestone walkways. While they were still wet I filtered them with dry green cement colorant.
Pictures tell no lies. I was green for days.
I have a water feature on every side of the house. So no matter where I was I could hear water trickling. Hubby says it just makes him have to go to the bathroom.
See the cement face under the table on the edge of this little pond?
Another wet stucco mural.
And again another wet stucco mural. The claw foot tub was made into a water feature with an old copper shower head.
I carved oak leaves from a dense foam, covered each of them with cement and green stucco. I cemented them in place.
The front door I built is a total different story.
I used copper plumbing pipe and curled it into vines and cemented it into place.
I used concrete and cement everywhere I could.
I just dug random holes in the grass and poured cement. I scattered them with colored glass, leaves and glass doorknobs
While the stucco was still wet, I colored the off white into several different hues of green. Then proceeded to trowel on a little landscape.
And On and On.
The upper deck was poured with a rubber compound. Before it was totally dry I put a cobblestone stamp down and scattered gravel.
The gravel made this not as slippery.
The TUB! Oh My. You would not believe how this came about. We had the faucet pipe plumbed 12" higher than the tub.
We then started to make a waterfall. Plumbers came from all around telling me "you can't do that." Really?
Just get out of my way and I will show you what a 4'11" determined woman can do. Silly Men.
A few more hard stuff(Concrete)

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  • Helene234 Helene234 on Jun 06, 2016
    you are special, I've also worked in all kinds of materials and although I love cement, I feel a little intimidated by it. I am interested in the flat stones on the front of the house, are they real or did you make them? Also the floral emblem with the copper wires is just fab. Wish you had some tutorials. Thank you for sharing, Helene


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