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Had a uneven pile of dirt in the front yard. Hubby loves chess and we decided to make a big old chess board. I am tired of seeing the same old same old and wanted something unique. He is in the process of turning the individual chess pieces. Takes about 2 days for each one. That means that will be a separate project listed this spring.

This is the area after leveling and compacting. Hauled about 25 wheel barrows of dirt and gravel that was left over when we got the driveway paved.

You can see the fire pit on the upper right and umbrella which will be incorporated into the final design.

The final item before laying the stone was a 2 inch layer of sand. This made leveling the stone perfectly easier. You can see my statue after I painted it black and set it on top of an old bird bath. The white 4 x 4's are what will keep the shade clothe on the top tight and in place. You can also see the chess board where we used alternating gray and red block to distinguish the space.

Decided on a different patterned block to make the chess board stand out more. And went with white rock in the area around the faucet. This will allow better drainage and really makes this stand out more.

This shot shows the different block used to define different areas. The block on the left usually doesn't look this dark this was after a light rain.

Here is the cinder block bench (minus the cushion which was brought inside before it rained). Painting the cinder block black really makes it look much sharper.

White rock around the statue also aids in drainage. Want to thank Hal for helping during the heat of summer and thru the wild fires we had here in Oregon. Our air quality at the time was in the unhealthy catagory.

I realize this is a repeat photo but gives a good idea of the finished product.

Suggested materials:

  • Block   (Willamette Graystone)
  • Dirt and gravel   (our own yard)

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  • Flipturn Flipturn on Feb 01, 2021

    Considering that generally labour is at least the cost of materials, you saved quite a few thousands by doing the work yourself. Best of all you can be proud of your efforts to create a long lasting custom-designed yard.

  • William William on Feb 01, 2021

    It came out amazing. I like the cinder block bench. Something I have to remember.