A little side note...these are pictures of a tree in our back yard, a swarm of bees moved out of their hive,

As I understand it, they took their queen with them and hunkered down in our tree for the night.
A "beeman" was called and he dressed all in white, evidently white doesn't upset the bees. Very gently he moved the majority of them into a box he brought, and said by morning every bee would be in there. And he was right except for maybe 2 lost souls. He took the box and away they went to a new home. He said there were probably 30, 000 bees in this swarm, when they get too numerous, they split, and swarm elsewhere.The original swarm will have 3 or so new queens "born? and the first born will eliminate the others. The tree was humming, very exciting but weird, I have never seen anything like this. Awesome. We stood out there a long time watching and they never bothered us.
Actually this was about 4-5 years ago, I was looking for some "good" pictures of my garden and ran across this! So I am sharing.
Bee swarm...about 30,000 bees, protecting their queen
bee swarm..

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  • Carey Carey on Nov 14, 2016
    for him. he took his fingernail and carefully used to to lift the stinger out of my leg. I didn't even swell up and When my husband and I were in College, we had a neighbor who we called the Bee man, because he kept bees. One day, he came over and asked us if we would help him in his bees. He had a Bumper Crop of Honey and had just had surgery & was only allowed to lift 10 lbs., each super (layer of the bee hive box) weighed 30 lbs. so he needed help. We looked at each other and thought BEES????? But he needed help so we decided we had no option, we had to help. He told us to wear light colors, NO DARK brown or black and NO FUR! Wear boots and long sleeves. No Bright colors. We didn't want the bees to see us as either a predator after them or a flower! Well I only had one pair of boots and they had fur tops! I wasn't even in the Bee hives when they attacked my boots. Had I just stood still, they would have finally left, but I got scared and ran to the truck and dove into it. I pinched a bee against my shin and instead of continuing to sting the boots, he stung me. Poor thing. Mr. McDaniels came running and said don't touch it!!! I waited, he took his fingernail and carefully lifted the venom sac and stinger out of my let. It didn't cause me any problem and didn't even swell. He told me that by doing that, I was not injected with the venom. The honey bee loses his venom sack and his life when he stings, so they never do unless they believe their queen is in danger. When you pinch it to get it out, you inject yourself with the venom. We learned so much that day and have always respected and understood our garden friends so much better. Mr. McDaniels never wore a suit of any kind and he was bald. If a bee landed on him and began to sting, he just carefully brushed it away. He truly loved his bees! We were so much better for that experience and for having known him and his sweet wife, Vera.
  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Jun 02, 2018

    I would have moved.