Boozy Bees? Drunk Trunks?

If you smell beer and observe an oozy froth dripping down the trunk of a landscape tree, you might approach for a closer look. There's a party going on! Bees, butterflies and beetles are clustered around the froth and wobbling around it. The condition is called slime flux and it's common on stressed trees in mid-summer.
I have more details, and what you can do about this condition, at
June beetles at the party!
slime flux
slime flux

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  • Lee Lee on Feb 11, 2013
    The comment on June Bugs brings back great memories

  • Howard Petersen Howard Petersen on Jun 26, 2013
    After a good rainy season (like this spring) will my weeping cherry heal from its slime flux? or do I need to clean or coat its "wounds". It fluxed a LOT last summer when it was very dry.