"Bug Patrol" Lizards in my garden

The Green Anole. What a wonderful asset to my garden. And no harmful chemicals.

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  • Linda kazmierzak Linda kazmierzak on May 13, 2016
    where do you purchase them and how much?

    • CAROL H CAROL H on May 13, 2016
      They are native to my area in Georgia. They wouldn't live outside in Indiana, too cold for the little guys.


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  • Donna Radtke Donna Radtke on May 24, 2016
    Had toads here, destructive huge things. Read this type spray poison if bothered which could blind you . Since I have a small dog who wants to 'play' with them, it too was a concern.They would make their home in my potted flowers, displacing the soil, killing the plant. Unfortunately they moved often.. from one pot to another. Not wanting to kill anything I admit I did send them on a flight far out into the front yard and out of the patio. A kind of baseball type flight. Soon they got the impression they were not wanted. Delighted when they were replaced by a cute little green lizard. No problems, didn't even try to sell me insurance. I hoped it would find a mate. It must have because this year there are babies running around! They prefer the ground for a home [thank goodness] They're fun to watch as they sneak up on a bug. Beats the bug zapper grandma had...[grin]

  • Leronna Farley Leronna Farley on Sep 11, 2016
    Love them! I used to catch them at my Grandmas house in Florida!!!