burrowing animal

There is some type of critter making tunnels and trails thru my flower bed. The path is over 10 ft. long and works under and between my brick walkway. I have stepped on it several times to collapse it and it keeps re-appearing. I'm getting creeped out- can anyone tell by these pictures what it may be? Advice?

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  • Stephanie corley Stephanie corley on Oct 15, 2016
    Dig up some soil and look for white grubs. If you find the grubs that voles and gophers love, go to a hardware store and pick grub killer. No grubs, no voles or gophers.

  • Dominique M. Scalia Dominique M. Scalia on Nov 27, 2016
    I have the same problem, and it's moles. My husband has a Puggle dog, and she is a born ratter, so she sits outside and waits for the chance to pounce on them. She has killed two this past summer, and that's just what I've seen. I'm leery about using any poison because of the dog.