Don't Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Summer Fun

Summer is an amazing time of year; backyard barbeques, bonfires and lawn games make it a great time to be outside with friends and family. Summer fun can quickly be ruined by mosquitoes. They are a constant nuisance, leaving itchy bumps and they can even carry diseases like the newest issue in the United States, the Zika Virus. Controlling these pests is something that everyone attempts with bug spray, natural DIY sprays, and citronella tiki torches but sometimes it takes a little more to get rid of them.
Eliminate the Nests
The best place to start when trying to eliminate mosquitoes is to eliminate their nests. Where they lay there eggs is usually where you will find most mosquitoes, so getting rid of them can do a great deal in forcing them to find a home elsewhere. Mosquitoes love standing water, and the dirtier the water the better. Water in an old tire, empty pot or even in a clogged gutter is the perfect place for little larvae to develop. For areas that can't be eliminated, like a stagnate creek or low points in the yard that collect rain water, there are larvae killing pesticides to help with the problem.
Kill The Adults
Now that you have gotten rid of the breeding grounds for developing larvae, you can focus your attention on eliminating the adults who will be doing the blood sucking. Mosquitoes live in and around bushes and shrubs so spraying them down with a pesticide can really help. Try to avoid spraying flowers; you don't want to harm the insects that spread pollen. There are several good products on the market in a hose-end, like OFF Bug Control Backyard Pre-Treat just spray around your backyard, and it will protect up 16,000 sq. ft. for up to eight weeks.
Mosquito Trap
Now that you have done what you can to prevent an infestation of mosquitoes it is time to actively hunt these little buggers. One very effective way to trap the mosquitoes is to secure a screen to the front of a household fan. You can use tape or magnets, just be sure you can take it off to remove all the dead bugs. Any bugs in the vicinity will be sucked into the fan and caught by the screen. At the end of the day, turn the fan off and spray the screen with a solution that is 70 percent rubbing alcohol diluted with water. This will kill all the bugs you've collected.
Mosquito Zapper
After all of this, you can still put up a good ole fashion bug zapper to take care of the rest of the mosquitoes. It is a time-tested solution that, along with the other steps, can all but eliminate your mosquito problem.
Nothing is worse then having a mosquito problem, except maybe having a mold and mildew problem. Getting rid of mosquitoes can be a real pain but getting rid of mold and mildew is easy and you only need one product to do it, Wet & Forget Outdoor. Simply apply to the surface and leave it! Wet & Forget does the cleaning for you! The application is so easy, you're back to your summer fun in just minutes.
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Photos courtesy of Josh*m, BugOfff, Patio Yard & Garden, and Larisa.

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