15 Common Garden Pests and Organic Ways To Control Them

The most worst thing for any gardener is when their crops are wiped out by pests. But don't get disappointed as you still can get your garden back from these pests by using natural or organic methods instead of any chemical pesticides.All you need to do is learn to recognize each pest, the signs and symptoms of their presence on any plant. Following are 15 common insect pests with organic pest control solution.
1-Colorado potato beetle:
It is easy to identify these beetles with their yellow colored backs with 10 black stripes. Potatoes, tomatoes and egg plant are the main crops on which their larvae and the adults feed on. They damage stems, flowers and buds. The best thing you could do to eliminate them is to pick both adults and larvae by hand and collect them in a can filled with soapy water. Also, you could crush eggs to prevent them from yielding larvae.
2-Squash vine borer
The cream colored larva of squash vine borer moth will cause damage to pumpkin, squash and zucchini plants. They rarely attack melons and cucumbers. If your plants wilt suddenly, that is a good sign of the presence of this pest. If you have some experience in identifying insects you can find the adult squash vine cork borers. Use yellow pan traps to find if they are there. Using raw covers and other barriers is the best way to contain damage caused by larva.
3-Tomato and tobacco hornworms
These caterpillars are either white or yellow in color. Peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes are the crops they damage. Hand picking the caterpillars is the best way to get rid of tomato pests. Tilling the soil at the end of the season is a good remedy too. You also can use a culture of Bacillus thuringensis to destroy them.

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