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  • Sherrie S Sherrie S on Oct 04, 2013
    @Dorene H if I saw a rattler I wouldn't just use snake repellent - I would make sure it was killed. All of my neighbors have dogs and cats and they would do the same thing if they saw a snake that could kill their pets.
  • Dfm Dfm on Apr 02, 2016
    oh.....snakes......nearly as bad as the mice explosion after the flood of '93. ever have 100 or so mice run across your feet? how about 20 or so snakes of assorted venom status? we trapped 100 or so mice every night for about 2 months. the snakes were on the levee....took an out of state helper to see the river.....the snakes were of course displaced and scared. about 2-3 or so slithered across the tops of our feet. the helper pranced about and stepped on a few- why he wasn't bit i don't know. if you can curtail the food source- the snakes may move on.
    • Eva Eva on Apr 05, 2016
      @Dfm I can´t even imagine something like that. I would have nightmares forever!!