Natural Ways to Remove Weeds

If you are eagerly waiting for the chilly weather to subside and springtime to at last arrive, you may also be looking forward to glorious days spent repotting, tending to flowers, and so on. However, one of the biggest frustrations when it comes to gardening and landscaping is the irritating pervasiveness of weeds within front garden and backyard areas.
For those homeowners who would like to try some different techniques to combat the sprouting and spreading of weeds all over your lawn that do not involve harmful chemical products, here are a few things to bear in mind:
There are a handful of household substances that you can pour over a patch of weeds that will get rid of them, such as directly applying boiling hot water to the area in question. Although this does not produce an immediate result, the weeds will certainly decrease over the next few days and weeks before they completely expire. In addition, vinegar is highly effective in getting rid of dandelions and other types of taproot weeds. Creating a heady blend of equal parts water with vinegar - sometimes referred to as "pickle juice" - will help to successfully ward off these yellow-headed pests in approximately three to five days.
If it is a very hot day, you can craft a soapy concoction of water mixed with mild dishwasher liquid soap (preferably something like five or six tablespoons of dishwashing soap with three cups of water) and pour it all over your backyard to de-weed it. You can also apply a mixture of four cups of water with a single ounce of alcohol and distribute this blend over weeds with the use of a spray bottle. However, as with any method that uses a spray bottle, try to avoid over spraying as this will damage any other surrounding plants
The most widespread of method for conquering weed-related invasions is to simply pull them out of the ground in a singular solid yank. However, sometimes it is not always that easy; some weeds will break off in your hand, with the root still firmly embedded in the comfy soil bed. If you want to get the entire root, the most effective thing to do is to heave them out when the soil is moist. To accomplish this effect, water the area and then slowly pull from the weed's base. You can also achieve similar results after a rainstorm has recently past. When the soil is wet, another technique is to insert the blade of a screwdriver into the ground near to the roots and jiggle it around before trying to pry the entire weed loose. Whenever possible, use thick garden gloves when trying to remove spiny plants that possess tiny thistles.
If you have access to rock salt, sprinkling a little of it around the borders of your lawn will prevent weeds from sprouting up. However, since salt is a natural barrier for plants, it will also prevent anything else from growing there as well. As such, this tip is more useful if you are finding weeds sprouting up along garden pathways or within your gravel driveway. Another popular means to do away with weeds is to suffocate them. Since weeds - just like other plants - require adequate sunlight, you can eradicate existing weeds and stop new ones from developing by withholding their natural light. For this result, cover affected areas with a few layers of old carpet scraps or newspaper strips.
Furthermore, smothering weeds with mulch is also highly effective. Add a thick covering of roughly three inches of mulch to any area you wish to keep weed-free to help to keep them from sprouting. With either method, if any particularly strong and obstinate weeds manage to push through the combination of carpet scraps, newspaper and mulch, simply add more until the weeds are firmly buried underneath. In very extreme cases, cover the weeded region with strips of newspaper and mulch as well as adding a thick swathe of corn meal gluten.

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  • Adina Fulsom Adina Fulsom on Jun 30, 2019

    Actually the iris has tubers that lay on top of the ground. I'm not sure if the newspaper would hinder their growth as well as the weeds.. LOL

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    Well, that makes sense! Lots of work and I'm sorry I won't see them flower next Spring, but it will be worth it!!!

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