1/2-1 inch in length. Slender, shiny, silver or gray with long antennae and three tail-like appendages in back.Silverfish prefer warm, damp, undisturbed areas and may go undetected for years. They live in cracks & voids and are commonly found in attics, basements and crawl spaces. Because they feed on fungal molds and organic matter, they are also seen regularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Silverfish are one of the hardest insects to control, especially in homes with wood shake (shingle) roofs since they hold moisture and allow for mold to grow, which serves as food for Silverfish. Treatment consists of reparing cracks & voids to minimize Silverfish and regular chemical treating in those hard-to-reach areas by a professional Pest Control technician.

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  • Diane H Diane H on Nov 30, 2012
    @Peggy B, a story on the news today... A lady used too many bombs in her house without turning off the gas pilot lights and blew her house up. They must be used with caution, following the directions and recommendations carefully.
  • Lacia Lynne Bailey Lacia Lynne Bailey on May 01, 2013
    Sounds like eating mold might be a good thing!