I heard there is a good ant killer using borax, does anyone have the recipe? Does it really work? If not, are there any other suggestions?
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  • Carlos Toro Carlos Toro on May 26, 2017
    Salt always works for me

  • June Buckley June Buckley on May 26, 2017
    Equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle

  • C. D. Scallan C. D. Scallan on May 26, 2017
    50/50 borax and sugar is the one to which you are referring . I haven't tried it yet , so I can't vouch for it but I read the same post.

  • Kig3047281 Kig3047281 on May 26, 2017
    Terro is the best way to get rid of ants quickly inside the home.

  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on May 26, 2017
    The borax works because they take it back to nest but can't digest it. If they are inside you need to find where they came in and wash off the "trail" they left Inside and out. If you leave the borax with some sugar outside they should leave the house alone. You could also use combat ant baits. They're little enclosed plastic trays that they take "food" home for rest of nest.

  • Rad8416352 Rad8416352 on May 26, 2017
    I was told that they don't like cinnamon.