Ants in house - is there a solution i can make?

Found several ants in different areas of house is there a solution i can make

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  • Sue Sue on Jul 03, 2018
    Table salt works the best.I throw it outside inside around windows,anywhere i see them.the beautiful part it even destroys the ant hills they make outside.I have been doing this 40 years.good luck.

  • Chas' Crazy Creations Chas' Crazy Creations on Jul 03, 2018
    So sorry, I have had a little trouble with that myself this year. Here is an article I referenced for my home -

  • Kathy Kathy on Jul 03, 2018
    To protect my dogs I used food-grade DE that I purchased from amazon. Killed them almost immediately. If you don't have pets you can use DE from any store pool in your area.

  • Hi Cheryl - This is the most effective recipe we use. Good luck! Hugs, Holly

  • Carole Carole on Jul 04, 2018
    Make some small bags, fill with rice and add a few drops of oil of cloves then seal bag. Place these where you see ants and they will disappear.
    When the smell of the oil of cloves disappears I add a few drops to the outside of the bag. I have had success with this method for some time now in the house and caravan. Our dogs don't like them either.

  • Debbie King Debbie King on Jul 04, 2018
    Corn meal fine grained...I visited my sisters-in-law in Florida one year and it was my first encounter with fire ants and their last encounter with me.

  • Debbie King Debbie King on Jul 04, 2018
    Ps. I added salt with it too. Lots of both!!

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Jul 04, 2018
    Clean the area well then spray with either a bleach/water solution or a vinegar/water solution. You have to remove their scent trails.