Apple cider vinager and epson salt for weeds

Linda Gucciardo
by Linda Gucciardo
I want to make a 1 gallon container of this weed mix. How do I measure out the epson salt?
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  • Diana Diana on Sep 21, 2016
    i used one cup epsom you can also use table salt and I added one teaspoon dawn dish detergent it only last a short time though and the weeds and grass come back
  • William William on Sep 22, 2016
    Two cups of epsom salt to 1 cup vinegar to one gallon of hot water. Actually, epsom salt not a salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Fertilize your houseplants: Most plants need nutrients like magnesium and sulfur to stay in good health, and Epsom salt makes the primary nutrients in most plant foods (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) more effective. Sprinkle Epsom salt once weekly to help nourish your houseplants, flowers, and vegetables. Keep your lawn green: Magnesium sulfate crystals, when added to the soil, provide vital nutrients that help prevent yellowing leaves and the loss of green color (magnesium is an essential element in the chlorophyll molecule) in plants. Add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt to a gallon of water and sprinkle on your lawn to keep the grass healthy and green. Insecticide spray: Use Epson salts on your lawn and in your garden to safely and naturally get rid of plant pests. It's the vinegar that kills the weeds and anything else, but only on the surface and not the roots. The weeds come back with a vengeance. I filled a 2 gallon garden sprayer with water. Took an old sock and filled it half full with rock salt. Suspended the sock in the sprayer until the salt dissolved. About and hour. Sprayed the weeds and they were dying the next day. This will kill grass.
  • Lynn Berry Lynn Berry on Sep 22, 2016
    I've only used white vinegar, but here is my recipe. Put in a 2 gal. spray container : 1 gal. warm water, 1box salt - Dissolve salt in water. 1 gal. vinegar & 1 c. Dawn - slowly mix in.
  • Sophia,M.,McConnery Sophia,M.,McConnery on Sep 22, 2016
    I am thinking of getting the softener salts for this.They are on sale everywhere here in HUGE bags.
  • Carol Carol on Sep 22, 2016
    Just take a teakettle filled with boiling water, pour on the weeds. Kills 'em dead. :)
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    • Carol Carol on Sep 23, 2016
      Maybe! Perhaps it only works on small weeds, that's when it worked for me. I do it to ant hills as well.