Arum italicum Help!!!!

Sandy ED Beard
by Sandy ED Beard
Beware, beautiful plant is poisonous,icon invasive, look it up before planting....
after pulling out dead leaves and flower, my hands were burning for 3 days then 7 days of itching and few blisters. FLOWER turns into orange berry cluster. I bought it as a church plant sale, my new gardening best rule ever, WEAR GLOVESicon

arum italicum help
arum italicum help
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  • Lynn Lynn on Jun 26, 2017

    That is a beautiful plant! Thank you for the warnings. I'm allergic to most ivy, English Ivy being the worst. I develop rashes, hives & blisters. So I truly understand how bad plant reactions can be!

  • Holly Holly on Jun 27, 2017

    Gee, I have had this plant in my garden for years & never experienced any rash or reaction. I hardly ever wear gloves, I can't seem to grip with them on. I guess I'm lucky, I'm not allergic to poison ivy & the other either.

  • Sarah Sota Sarah Sota on Jun 27, 2017

    invasive? My plants sure are not. I do wish they would spread! Mine look good and flower plenty enough though.....

  • Sandy ED Beard Sandy ED Beard on Jun 27, 2017

    How Poisonous, How Harmful?

    Toxic component is calcium oxalates. These needle-shaped crystals can irritate the skin, mouth, tongue, and throat, resulting in throat swelling, breathing difficulties, burning pain, and stomach upset.

    Though the orange berries are quite attractive, their acrid taste and the tingling in the mouth which begins quite quickly, mean that large amounts are rarely ingested and serious harm is unusual. Just a FYI

  • Billy Billy on Jun 27, 2017

    i dont think it was that plant, i believe it was the small plants under it

  • Lana Loeber Armstrong Lana Loeber Armstrong on Jun 28, 2017

    I don't have any problems with mine. Something carried a seed to another area and it came up this year but that's all.

  • Bev Bev on Jun 28, 2017

    I think I am seeing the jagged young leaves of Stinging Nettle around your big plants, THEY will burn and blister your skin for days.

  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Jun 28, 2017

    I moved some of this plant from my neighbor's ditch to my back yard. Love the way it looks, peeking thru rocks along my stream. Didn't know the name. As the leaves start to 'go' I pull them out, and have for years. No rashes, no burning, no blisters. They probably are poisonous as our deer population doesn't eat them, which is great. Perhaps this is like poison ivy...some are affected, some aren't.