Caragana plant taking over garden!

by Djw6584065
I have a caragana shrub in our shelter belt that is now taking over my garden. Does anyone know how to kill this plant?
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  • William William on May 30, 2016
    Sorry to be a bearer of bad news, but there is no way to kill the plant with vegetation killers. Its way too invasive and the roots go way deep, sometimes three to four feet deep. The only way to get rid of it is to dig it out and watch for any shoots that come up and dig those out. It may take several years to finally get rid of it. Here is more information:
  • Diana Albina Diana Albina on May 30, 2016
    Take off all sprouts as soon as they just appear, the other way is to dig out the parent plant, have same problem with rhus, hippopae rhamnoids and simple plum trees which are in neighbouring areas, so I just take off all the new outcomes, takes persistance and patience.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 30, 2016
    There maybe one other suggestion to try. There is a product from Orthro called Brush B gone. Assuming that there are no other plants around.Many are opposed to vegetation killers,however if you really want the shrub gone outside of digging it up and watching for new roots to appear it may be worth looking into.
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    • Djw6584065 Djw6584065 on May 30, 2016
      I have done the digging part as well as everything everyone has said. Will try the Brush B Gone and if it doesn't work, will continue the digging. Thanks to everyone who responded. Nice that people care enough to reply.
  • MN Mom MN Mom on May 30, 2016
    Try and dig it up. You may have to repeat this process many times over but at least you know you're getting rid of the source.