How to get rid of damp beetles

How to get rid of damp beetles
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  • Shira Shira on Jun 09, 2016
    @Wglindner do you have any advice for N Richardson?

  • Carol Roddy Carol Roddy on Jun 09, 2016
    I'd like to help you, but have never heard of 'damp beetles' is there another name or can you supply a picture?

  • Carol Roddy Carol Roddy on Jun 10, 2016
    Ok...I've done some research for you and I think what the actual name for those are Woodlice...NOT to be confused with head lice LOL. This is a copy or an article for you. I don't know if you have basements or cellars in the UK but that would be a place in which they would find appealing due to the damp. If you google woodlice, you will find articles on using diatomaceous earth or DE. This is also used for flea control and slug control. If I can find anything else out for you, let me know. Again I don't know how much help I've been as I don't know where your problem is, inside or outside. Either way, best of luck!!! Another persistent pest of damp places,Woodlice prefer to live under rocks, and can breed in decaying organic matter. These creatures aren’t bugs as such; they are actually land-dwelling crustaceans, and they need to remain damp in order to breathe through their gills.

    • N Richardson N Richardson on Jun 11, 2016
      Thank You Carol Roddy for taking the time to research my problem,your message has helped now l know what they are

  • N Richardson N Richardson on Jun 11, 2016
    Got a nice message from carol explaining what they were

  • Carol Roddy Carol Roddy on Jun 11, 2016
    Glad to help, sorry I didn't have the perfect solution, but hopefully you'll be able to get a handle on the "little buggers" LOL

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Apr 25, 2022

    The best thing you can do is remove the damp by drying it out. If it is wood - replace it. If it is mop - bin it! If you have rising - call in the a builder to sort it for you!