Does anybody know how to get rid of horse tail.

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  • Betty Tuominen Betty Tuominen on Jun 09, 2017
    Ebay! Or donate! Many talented people use it to make bridles, reins, strops, etc. Also braided hair barrettes, decorative pieces. Prisoners in Montana State penitentiary make and sell in off site store. Very time consuming and productive.

  • Lin Lin on Jun 10, 2017
    HI Barry. Are you referring to the weed? I have had the greatest success using two methods. In areas away from gardens, 2,4-D will kill the visible part of the weed within 7-10 days. Resist the temptation to remove the browned dead weeds as you run the risk of leaving an active root behind that will regenerate. In garden areas where chemicals could do more harm than the horse tail, I use a sharp knife or scissors to cut the weed at it's base. Again it is very important not to pull on the weed or try to remove the root as this act will quickly compound the problem. Horse tail root (or any part thereof) will create two visible weeds. Pulling on the weed will cause the root to break, each break will create two more weeds which in turn will then send out their own roots to make more weeds. The cutting/snipping method does take a few seasons to be successful. Eventually the root structure will die on its own. Be persistent. Diligence will pay off in the long run. One final thought. If you have horse tail in your garden, the worse thing you can do is to disturb the soil. You may want to consider adding a nice layer of mulch to make removal of other weeds easily done by hand, as each time you break into the soil you run the risk of disturbing the root of the horse tail. Remember, EVERY break of the root results in more horse tail.

  • Barbara Wexel Barbara Wexel on Jun 10, 2017
    Hi, If you are referring to Equisetum arvensis , it will be hard to get rid of it because it is spread by spores. Cut off the tip of the plant when you see a minaret growth starting to form. That is where the spores are. Try pouring boiling water on the roots of the plants or white vinegar. They have very shallow roots.

  • KimH KimH on Jun 10, 2017
    harvest it and make tinctures for your hair

  • Barbara Wexel Barbara Wexel on Jun 11, 2017
    Must be a different species or locally a different, but the vinegar may still work even with the deep root. Vinegar also can get rid of grass that is growing in your driveway.