How do I get rid of bees/wasps?

In our new construction we could be referred to as a "glass wall" where four large glass panels slide into a wall to extend the open space for outdoor enjoyment. The problem is we have not been able to enjoy having the panels open due to bees and wasps getting inside our house. We are considering contacting a bee exterminator, but would appreciate any dyi suggestions before incurring this expense.

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  • Try to find the nest. Once it's located, wait until night and then spray it with wasp killer spray. Shoot it right up into the hole of the nest. Wear protective clothing and goggles if necessary.

    • Crafty Girl Crafty Girl on Jan 07, 2019

      Thanks, Adrienne. After submitting my inquiry, we discovered that we have carpenter bees which are known to bore into wood. Unfortunately, the new construction in our development is most likely to continue for another couple years. Sounds like we won't be enjoying out outdoor living area for a couple years.

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Jan 07, 2019

    Is there a nest nearby? What is attracting the bees and wasps? Get rid of those and your problem will be solved. Just killing the insects will not stop them from coming around. You need to get to the root of the problem.

    • Crafty Girl Crafty Girl on Jan 07, 2019

      Thanks, 2dogal, for your recommendation. Please refer to my respose to Crafty Girl. Further research confirms we have carpenter bees which like to bore into wood.

  • LorXena Koneczny LorXena Koneczny on Jan 07, 2019

    Bees are endangered. Please be kind to them. Find a beekeeper who will be able to find and relocate the hive. (Keep in mind that some homeowners have backyard bee hives and produce honey and these are protected in most states by environmental laws.)

    However, If they are dangerous wasps, by all means, call an exterminator.

    Also, FYI, most flying insects avoid smoke. Even bee keepers sometimes use smoke to relocate hives.