How can I rid my house of fleas and mice?


Flies all the dang time in the house, I have animals so the natural way is much better. I have plugged holes I thought the mice were coming in with copper mesh, but they are still getting in I want to rid my house of these little meddlers!! Thank you!! By the way love the ant stuff!!

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  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Oct 22, 2019
    Instead of copper, I would use spray foam. I use the $3 cans of gap and crack fill spray foam in every penetration in the house. Then trap remaining mice and use fresh cab to keep them out. Fresh cab is a repellent made by Earthkind. It's all natural. Flies? Remove attractants such as old feed and garbage. Then use good old fashioned glue fly strips until the population has declined.

  • Mark Rackow Mark Rackow on Oct 22, 2019

    I'd use the copper in the hole then top it with a foam or other type of spray sealant. If you have a ton of flies it sounds like you have feces or 1 or more dead animals in your walls or attic. I'd call an animal control company to get them to inspect your attic and exterior of house, usually they operate humanely if you ask them to.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Oct 22, 2019

    Hi Robin,

    Good advice from Laura especially on the fly problem. I would add, make sure the screens have no tears or holes in them.

    As for the mice, again, Laura is right, plug all the holes-go outside and take a friend with you and very objectively look for cracks, holes, any openings into the house. Look at the foundation, around (over and under) the doors and windows for anything they could enter through and plug it. The diy stores carry a spray foam that will cut their faces when they try to chew through. Very fine steel wool will also block them but be aware it can and will rust from moisture. Also look where the pipes and wires enter the house, seal them off, mice are very good at climbing. They can also fit through a hole the size of a small marble.

    For the inside, we used the sticky cardboard traps from Walmart, they come in a multipack for around $5. Peel off the plastic cover and lay them flat-do not fold them. Mice usually like to run around the walls of a room, so place the traps there and frequently move them to new spots because the mice learn quickly where not to go. Good spots are where you have a low to the floor piece of furniture they can dart under for protection only to be stuck to a trap.

    We had an infestation of them just about 2 years ago and learned these mice avoided the conventional snap traps and the Dcon poison-they would not eat it. Maybe your mice will take this bait.

    Best to you.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Oct 22, 2019


    I have been able to get rid of them at our farmhouse, even when we bushhog, by using a combination of peppermint & cinnamon oil. I purchased a spray off Amazon but have seen it at Ace Hardware. It can be sprayed or saturate cotton balls. Place around and make sure to re-apply as the scent fades. They don’t like the smell. I’ve been told it can be toxic to pets.