How to get rid of fruit flies using vinegar


How to quickly and easily remove fruit flies. Seems they multiply faster than I can get rid of them.

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 22, 2016
    Place a bowl of apple cider vinegar on the counter.
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    • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 23, 2016
      I do not cover the bowl. Try the plain vinegar first.
  • Wanita Strong Wanita Strong on Sep 23, 2016
    I had great luck with the vinegar. Always place some when canning as they seem to come in with the tomatoes & apples.
  • Kat Kat on Sep 23, 2016
    ME TOO!! we've been inundated with the suckers for months!!! seems they "appear" from everywhere. we've followed all the suggestions...vinegar/soap, hot water, sprays, vinegar/wine, everything everyone has suggested....but NOTHING! dont know how/where~
  • Dorothy Beyer Dorothy Beyer on Sep 23, 2016
    Use a small empty spice bottle (from the dollar store) and put some apple cider vinegar, a little bit of water and a dash of dish soap. It does not need to be filled above half way. I have found lemon scented to be good. Leave it on the counter and let it do its work.
  • Debra Guski Debra Guski on Sep 23, 2016
    I do the same with saran wrap over a small bowl. Punch holes in the wrap, secure with a rubber band. Use cider vinegar and dish soap (just a couple of drops). Works great!
  • Peggy Lewis Peggy Lewis on Sep 23, 2016
    I pour a little apple cider vinegar into a jar and cover the jar with saran wrap. Prick a few holes in the saran with a tooth pick or skewer. The flies can get in but they can't get out. Place the jar near your fruit bowl. Replace as needed. Put as many as you need around the areas they collect.
  • Pou8651567 Pou8651567 on Sep 23, 2016
    Some apple cider vinegar in a bottle , soda pop or water bottle and some dish detergent ( just a tiny bit) . Put Saran Wrap on top with an elastic to hold it on and poke a few holes in wrap with a fork.
  • Antique Antique on Sep 23, 2016
    put some apple cider vinegar in an open top jar and set on counter. Works wonders
  • Doh11018439 Doh11018439 on Sep 23, 2016
    A bit of apple cider vinegar, water, and a squirt of Dawn detergent in a half pint glass jar. Set on counter and by night you'll have hundreds of fruit files drowned in the solution! Next day start over with new solution!, works every time
  • Dcr10991491 Dcr10991491 on Sep 23, 2016
    You can also just suck most of them into your vacuum using the hose and then use the cider and detergent solution to trap the stragglers
  • Richard Mullett Richard Mullett on Sep 23, 2016
    Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I have tried all including a paper cone. They congregate on the glass the paper and even the paper cone do not seem to enter where the vinegar is. I will try the white wine.
  • April rowe April rowe on Sep 23, 2016
  • Dgreen Dgreen on Sep 23, 2016
    We have one of those battery operated fly swatters. Swing it where the fruit flies are. The zap kills them and there is some satisfaction in ridding yourself of these nasty critters.
  • Brenda Grover Clark Brenda Grover Clark on Sep 23, 2016
    Try putting a piece of plastic wrap over your apple cider vinegar/drop of dish soap mixture and put a several small holes in it. They get trapped in the container. While this is the best method I have tried, it does, unfortunately, require patience on your part, as you won't get them all overnight.
  • Sandra Lee Sandra Lee on Sep 23, 2016
  • Berniece Cronquist Berniece Cronquist on Sep 23, 2016
    I have a small decorative bowl that I place next to the bowl of fruit. I put a small amount of apple cider vinegar in it and no more fruit flies.
  • N509268159 N509268159 on Sep 23, 2016
    To get rid of fruit flies, take two drops of dish soap and half a cup apple cider vinegar, stir to make foam. Count em up in the A.M. Use a small juice glass.
  • Corena Johnson Corena Johnson on Sep 23, 2016
    Put a little vinegar in small bowl, along with a little bit of Dawn dish detergent. Set bowl close to where you see the fruit flies. The vinegar attracts the flies, and the soap keeps them from getting out. Works fast in catching them!!
  • Pur10370930 Pur10370930 on Sep 23, 2016
    I recycle a water bottle. Cut the top off. Invert it so it sits in the bottle. (like a funnel). Tape the cut edge with cellophane tape. Pour about a half cup of Apple Cider Vinegar (it works the best). They'll be gone in less than 2 days. I like this idea because they cant get out after entering hole.
  • Lori c Lori c on Sep 23, 2016
    Sometimes it's not fruit flies but sewer nats. If the vinegar doesn't work, pour 1/4 cup of bleach down every drain (even basement) in the house. If it's sewer nats, this will work in a matter of days.
  • May5672846 May5672846 on Sep 23, 2016
    Sometimes they come from the kitchen drain. Pour bleach and hot water.
  • Kari Roberts Kari Roberts on Sep 23, 2016
    Iv'e left out a glass of wine and they are drawn to it, and drown in the glass of wine.
  • Patsy Patsy on Sep 23, 2016
    I use little pudding cups. Mix vinegar, water and a touch of good dish soap and I set out inout of the way spots in every room to catch fruit flies and plant nats
  • Wendy Vassallo Wendy Vassallo on Sep 23, 2016
    Place apple cider vinegar in a small bowl. Cover tightly with plastic wrap. Poke small holes in plastic wrap with toothpick.
  • Goldie Skaggs Goldie Skaggs on Sep 24, 2016
    Pour soda in your sink pipes add white vinegar. This will kill the eggs they lay there. Put all food leftovers in a container in the freezer. Nothing to draw them and your problem will soon be over.
  • Deb Johnson Deb Johnson on Oct 15, 2016
    I put white vinegar in a small jar , about 1/2 an inch. Then put 8- 10 drops of dish soap. Mix carefully , set on cupboard let it work.
  • Carol Carol on Aug 18, 2016
    In a container, mix 1 cup of water, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon vinegar and 2-3 drops of Dawn dish soap.
  • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Sep 17, 2017
    You can also just do the apple cider vinegar with a drop or two of dish washing liquid to break up the surface adhesion. I drop some apples in mine but you don't have to Soon it will look like this.

  • Zoi1844993 Zoi1844993 on Jul 31, 2015
    you fill several coffee cups with about a couple of drops of dish detergent, 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar, and leave around place. Don't bother covering, flies will go right in. You may want to replace mixture after about a week. It worked for me. Get rid or rotting vegetation too!!
  • All natural, vinegar traps! To make a vinegar trap for fruit flies, you'll need just a few things (and you probably already have them in your home):a glass or cup,a plastic baggie large enough to fit over the glass, a rubber band, scissors,apple cider vinegar. Pour a small amount – an inch or so – of apple cider vinegar into the glass. The cider vinegar has a nice, fruity aroma that fruit flies simply cannot resist. Using the scissors, snip the corner off the plastic baggie. This should created a hole just large enough for fruit flies to pass through, but not so large that it will be easy for them to escape.