How do I get rid of Canna Lilies in a flower bed?

by Tforrester

What is the best way to clean this out , I don't want them to come back . Please help !!!

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  • Deb K Deb K on Jan 01, 2019

    Hello, Canna lilies are grown from rhizomes, you can dig them out, or if you live in a colder zone, let winter kill them off. Best bet would be to dig them out

  • Dig them out is the best way. Since you don't want them, and as they are expensive plants, other gardeners will want them. If you are on, just place a post for free Cannas and let the recipients dig out and take home for their own garden. Ask friends, family and neighbors if they want them too.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jan 01, 2019

    Are you asking about how to get rid of the Canna lilies, or cleaning weeds out of the flower bed? If you want rid of the lilies, dig them up, making sure you take all the roots. If it is weeds, clean out the weeds, having the soil somewhat moist can help them come out easier. Put down Preen weed preventer, it really does work on seed born weeds, I have used it for years with excellent results, but it does not do this for grasses or thing like creeping charlie that are root born, those I just clean out as they come back into the edges of the garden. Make sure to put down mulch, that also helps keep weeds from growing and helps keep moisture in the soil as well and looks good.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jan 01, 2019

    Hi Debker,

    Do look for or offer the chance to own your canna lilies to another gardener who may well help you to dig them or could even do the whole job for you for the chance to have the Lilly's.........