How to get rid of cutworms from my garden?

Does anyone know of a homemade solution/remedy to get rid of cutworms from my garden? Products that I have purchased are not working. The cutworms are eating up my tomatoes and squash, help!

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  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on May 23, 2019

    Hi Sharlyne,

    What you need to do is take a look at both sides of the leaves and see if you have an infestation. If you do what you can try is make a weak soapy water solution and spray on both sides of the leaves. Weak would be a 24 oz spray bottle and a drop or 2 of dishsoap, give it a shake.

    The next step is to google "companion plants", these are plants that you plant with your crop, these plants naturally repel pests. This really works!

    Here's an example: If you have tomato plants in your garden, add Marigolds as a natural pest repellent.

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    • Sharlyne Sharlyne on May 24, 2019

      I will try your dish soap idea. I have marigolds planted already, but thanks for your input.

  • DownSouthBreeze DownSouthBreeze on May 23, 2019

    Have you heard of Sevendust?

    It sold at walmart.

    Look up www.sevendust

  • Oliva Oliva on May 23, 2019

    If you wrap the bottom 3 inches of tomato stems with newspaper and secure it to the stem, it should deter cutworms.

    Take a sheet of newspaper and cut from lower L.H. corner to upper R.h. corner a section about 3" wide and 12 " long. Fold the strip so it finally measures 1/2" wide, then wind it securely around the stem, being sure to overlap. Tape closed.

    You can also place pieces of crumpled foil near your tomato stems, for an additional deterrent. Make sure to rotate your tomato plant locations, yearly.

    • Sharlyne Sharlyne on May 24, 2019

      I haven't tried your idea of newspaper wrapping and foil wrapping. Thanks for your idea.