How can I get rid of snails in my strawberry patch?

by Jla22273125
The snails eat my strawberries. I pick them off, I put out sauces of salt, I use insect dust. They are still here.

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  • You can put small dishes with beer. The snails are attracted to the beer and thenyou can dispose of them.

  • Dtu21075804 Dtu21075804 on Mar 04, 2018

    I read somewhere that they won't cross copper. Maybe you could glue some pennies to a dollar store frame and put it around your plants

  • Ruth Ruth on Mar 04, 2018

    diatomaceous earth?

  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Mar 04, 2018

    Crushed egg shells will work. There is also a slug bait available. You can also uses dishes of beer.

  • Jackie Jackie on Mar 04, 2018

    Try taking small jars and put them in the ground around, and in, the berry patch. Have them so the rim is even with the ground. Pour into the jars beer thats been opened and left open overnight. The beer attracts them, they crawl in and die. What a way to go!

  • Jackie Jackie on Mar 04, 2018

    Just remembered.... take the lids from the jars, hammer holes in them and save them. When you need to do it again just screw on the lids pour the beer out and you can either throw the jars with the snails or just pour the snails out.

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Aug 02, 2020

    Hi there, it might sound silly but we have a few overturned flowerpots, with a stone placed under the rim to lift them up a bit, scattered around our garden. We check them every few days for snails. They like crawling inside. Grapefruit and orange halves work too. We also try watering our garden in the morning instead of the evening. Snails and slugs like moist conditions so by watering in the morning it gives the surface soil time to dry out by the evening when snails are most active.