How can I get rid of trumpet vine?

I am on a city lot, and I was given a red trumpet vine some thirty years ago. I let it grow up a tree stump, looked good-mistake. It grew up on my fence, and again, I thought it looked nice...mistake again. Now, after years, it seems like I just can't kill it. I pull it, I cut it, and still it grows. It runs underground on roots as strong as cables. Any idea how to bring this fierce beast down? It's a constant battle, and the trumpet vine is at least holding its own, and maybe winning.
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  • C. D. Scallan C. D. Scallan on May 31, 2017
    Pour salt and /or vinegar on the roots after you've cut it back as much as you can .

  • Wen20097244 Wen20097244 on May 31, 2017
    any where on there property we did the same first year very pretty covered entire pergola.starting finding snakes above our heads.sincethangrewunder brick walkway to surround pool equipment ruined all per. Gardens chocking husband walked in mechanical room to see. Entire back wall interior covered with vine he is a retired builder and has a very good reputation. To his shock the vine broke through the building inspectors approval a very strong foundation.everyproblem that we thought was fixed. Has come Back with new locationsspring is now 15 yrs.our last hose was built in1756.pres. Buchanhanspent numeros summervacations there. We were only the fourth owner and never had any problems . In the 1700 fondations were built with the same field stone as the house. Thank god we never planted that tiny little plant that was a gift or pa. Would have lost another beautiful home and a piece of history. This is vine is a evil living monster. I have ms and I am too ill to move and who would buy this house of horror?good luck to any one who has Ito. Their property

  • 861650 861650 on Jun 01, 2017
    You need a systemic solution.

  • C.B. C.B. on Jun 02, 2017
    IF you have no objections to the use of to your local garden center about your vine problem, they will sell you an herbicide that will take care of it down to the roots. NOTE: Most people start removing the wilted vine before it has completely died-mistake...when that happens roots are left in the soil & the problem returns 10 wait until the roots are dead before removing the main trunk of the vine.