How can I scare woodpeckers away ?

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  • Rachel Rachel on Jun 08, 2017
    Scare The Woodpecker Away - For as much noise as a woodpecker can make, they actually do not like other loud sounds. But if you are not home all the time it is difficult to make the noise required to scare away this winged carpenter. You can however get motion sensors that will make a noise when they sense the bird. They can be extremely effective because they do not allow the bird to get comfortable and so it will just find another place. One of the other ways to scare the woodpecker with noise is by playing specific sounds that will frighten it away. The sounds do not have to be loud but if the wood pecker hears a fellow bird in distress along with the sounds of a bird of prey it will fly away. You can get these recordings at home and gardening stores everywhere.

    • Lad15890334 Lad15890334 on Jun 09, 2017
      Thank you so much for the suggestion, I will find someone to climb a ladder to hand a noise maker.

  • Ellis Ellis on Jun 09, 2017
    Do you have wood shingles or siding? Woodpeckers do that to get at insects behind siding. Check to make sure you don't have carpenter ants, carpenter bees, etc. That was our problem, and when we got rid of the carpenter ants, the woodpeckers left.

  • Eileen Black Eileen Black on Jun 09, 2017
    Plastic owl mounted where they go

  • Bonnie Bonnie on Jun 09, 2017
    They have these batteries moving owl at Lowes its motion sensor,when something get close it move and scare off birds,squirrels, etc.