How can I stop the grass and weeds from taking over my concrete patio?

by Neecee

My concrete patio in the backyard has grass and weeds growing through the gaps and holes and is spreading aggressively. Any suggestions on how to stop this? I have pulled up grass and weeds by hand, and used weed repellent, and even poured bleach on them. But they still come back and seem to thrive with a vengeance. Any suggestions on how to prevent grass and weeds from taking over my broken concrete patio?

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  • Dawn Dawn on Jul 01, 2019

    Just saw how to spray vinegar and something else to remove grass and weeds from growing through the gaps between our bricks but didn't catch the amount of vinegar and what else they added to the vinegar to do this. Could you tell me as I couldn't find it again to find this out. Thank you much! Dawn

    • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Jul 01, 2019

      DAWN.....Just use straight vinegar you cannot mix the salt with it it will ruin your bricks; pour or spray weeds with straight vinegar soaking center of weeds down into roots do in full hot direct sun no rain 3 days ( Salting is one of the most common mechanisms of deterioration of porous materials,Efflorescence is one of the first signs of moisture problems for cementitious materials, especially masonry. A by-product of moisture combining with free salts, this phenomenon is not only just a cosmetic problem—left unchecked during freeze-thaw conditions, it can cause brick to weaken, spall, or crumble in some cases )other ingredient dish soap it contains phosphates which is bad for environment, your soil & plants, killing beneficial microbes needed for healthy soil/plant growth/lawn just use the vinegar alone it will work and it's cheap; cannot just use any DIY remedies without researching the effects they have on surroundings or what you are putting them directly on.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Jul 01, 2019

    NeeCee you can use 1 gallon vinegar 1cup table salt mix well til salt dissolved spray/pour on weeds soaking down into roots do this in full hot direct sun no rain for 3 days.Repeat as soon as you see new grass beginning to grow thru cracks. Even more potent mixture is 1 gallon vinegar 1 gallon lemon jiuce 2 cups salt mix and use as I first stated soaking plants in full sun no rain 3 days... many DIY recipes call to add dish soap not needed waste of money & it contains phosphates which is really bad for world environment

  • Boiling water or plain old white vinegar is what i would use. Vinegar in a pump sprayer is magic. I pay $3.49 for 2 gallons at Costco, Sam's Club or any restaurant supply. Much less expensive than any commercial chemical product you can purchase. And far better for the environment too.

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