How do I catch a feral cat and her three kittens?

Started feeding a cat after I saw it eating bread that I put out for the birds. It came on my deck to eat but would run if I tried to get close. She would always come to eat if I called "here kitty, kitty" so I knew that she was probably nearby. After several weeks, she showed up to eat with three kittens about five weeks old. I think someone dumped her near my house because she was pregnant. I continue to put out food, which they eat, but they all run when they see me. I would like to catch them to have them neutered and see if I can at least find homes for the kittens. I will keep feeding mamma cat, but must neuter her. Any suggestions. I am afraid that she will run off with them if I try anything drastic.

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  • Amanda Amanda on Jun 28, 2018
    Hi Janet. Try using a live trap. Put the food in there and then you can take her and the kittens in to a shelter. Good Luck!

  • Carol Thomas Carol Thomas on Jun 28, 2018
    Use a live trap, like people use to trap and relocate wildlife. The cats won't be harmed and you can transport it to the vet in it. You will most likely only catch one at a time.

  • Ann Cherkas Halstead Ann Cherkas Halstead on Jun 28, 2018
    go to animal control and borrow a live trap

  • Wyldecent Wyldecent on Jun 29, 2018
    I've used live traps but make sure the kittens are a least 8 weeks old and not nursing. You don't want them to go without food too long. You may not get them all in one trap. If you can, get the kittens first, then mom (who will be looking for kittens). You can put live trap in front of larger cage you've put the kittens in and catch mom when she tries to get them. Once the cats are inside your home and out of the cages, they often change behavior since they feel safe, becoming friendlier. Momma cat doesn't sound feral -- just afraid. Try using tuna, wet canned food (fish) or fried chicken as bait -- the stronger odor the better. Try to do this during the day (dawn and dusk) as you are less likely to catch raccoons or possums who come out at night. We've had a several pregnant cats dumped in the area over the years and they all turned out to be really nice cats. Just an FYI -- most shelters won't take nursing kittens so need to check first. Bless you and good luck!

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jun 29, 2018
    Contact your no kill pet rescue organization. They may help you catch mama and her kittens. They usually have programs where they spay and neuter feral cats so that they can't breed. They will be released back to the area they were caught at, such as your yard. Tell them what you want to do, they most likely will help you, especially since you want to find homes for the kittens and continue to feed mama. I salute you in your efforts to make sure they get fed, slayed and entered and care for. Most just want them gone from their yard. Good luck, Janet, and God bless you for caring for mama and her kits.