How do I get rid of mole/voles and chipmunks from my garden and yard

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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Sep 11, 2017

    You will never be rid of them, all you can do it make it inhospitable for them. I never have to deal with mole/voles in my yard, our chow chow is real good at hunting them down and quickly dispatching them and leaving them on the patio for us to dispose of. Try red pepper flakes or powdered hot spices. You could even try hot sauce in water sprayed on the plants the chipmunks pick on. I have also had luck with grated Irish Spring soap. As a last resort I bait a mouse trap and put it near chippies damage area. The snap scares them to death and they avoid the area for a while. I also feed my resident chippie stale nuts, cereal, cookies etc. in the front yard along one of his paths under the hostas. That seems to limit his destruction and keep him happy.

  • Mae Garrels Mae Garrels on Sep 11, 2017

    I'll share a trick that got rid of gophers in my may work for moles!

    When you see where the moles and voles and chipmunks are working the ground, go to the grocery store and buy a small amount of DRY ICE....they sell it by the pound but you will not need much unless you have a lot of ground. Lightly dig where the moles have been digging. Place a piece of the dry ice into a hole in the ground, pour on a little water to start the dry ice steaming, place a pot, brick or something over the hole. The steam from the dry ice will go all through the hole or run of the animals. It suffocates the animal and no others will come into that run where the dead ones are! If you have a lot of these pests, you may have to do this two or three times but it will get rid of them. I used to have them every spring, eating everything! My neighbors back yard is filled with holes so I'm pretty sure that's where they were coming from. I used this one spring, had no gophers until the next spring, used it again and have not seen a digging, mound or gopher since! My neighbor says she does not have as many. Spring is when they usually come out here where I live in CA. and if you do not destroy them completely, they keep multiplying and coming back to the same places as the year before! This has worked great for gophers, why not try it for the moles and voles....the chipmunks might take more of the dry ice. And you might want to check your yard for open holes and cover them over before you do the dry ice. Our city puts out poisons in the parks for the chipmunks, they are really bad here. I don't like to put out poisons because of my pets. The dogs do not go to the gopher holes if they have been covered over with something while the gases of the dry ice are still there. After a few days I just fill in the holes with dirt.

  • Laura Spears Laura Spears on Sep 12, 2017

    We have used jalapeno peppers to rid our yard of moles. Cut the top off to expose the seed. Bury them in the tunnel.

  • Felipe Allen Felipe Allen on Aug 16, 2018

    Moles/voles and chipmunks are the biggest challenge in vegetable and flower gardens. Installing traps, baits or poison balls are the common tricks a gardener can apply. There are several other ways too but because of the damage they can cause and the confusing signs they leave behind, pest control is needed to kill off the colonies. Consult with a local extermination company like to ensure the varmints are effectively removed.