How do I keep beetles from eating my plants?

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  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Oct 26, 2019

    Hi Mike,

    A proven way to prevent beetles from invading your garden is to plant "Companion plants", just google it and see what repels what naturally- An example is it you have tomatoes growing, the companion plant would be Marigolds to repel pests.

  • MadameRã MadameRã on Oct 26, 2019

    I don’t love some beetles unfortunately, I have a plethora of problems here, however it isn’t as simple as ridding the plant; and why should one when it’s beautiful in charm.... one thing that does work is firstly keep all plants trimmed away from edges of property, especially near windows.. next step is to have a High Grade bottle of Citronella Aroma Oil, and by using , again, High Grade make-up remover pads, pour four to five drops though not until one sews a thread to hang on plants... after this whole procedure is completed, use a chux wipe and dip in coconut oil( cold pressed) and rub over the pad that’s had the drops of Citronella on it.... Use disposable strong gloves always please... aroma oils are indeed poisonous ☠️... do understand this is a better way though care needs to be done and estimating the area, and how many hanging deterrent hanging pads one needs.... ^ every half metre of plant use approximately four to six hanging pads... *yes your plant might look odd, though it can look artistic; For those wanting the plant to remain green in colour mostly, then before starting anything, use a green hair spray to cover pads, let dry twenty minutes plus, the proceed... {you might want to use green thread 🧵 too}

    this is a measure that works as long as you are good at checking your plants; also remove dead beetles from around the plant... most beetles will retreat, some die however it’s a humane way if some have to.... and not using man made harsh chemicals means no residual muck left going into the soil, touching other plants ect.... * This process is good for ants and other crawlies inside window sills, though one only has to hang a few.... ^i use a paint tape on windows cut into leaf shapes to hold the strings on windows themselves... or use lovely butterfly stickers ect...

    wishing you luck...

    ^Do note that methods used have been done in Australia, and due to the environment changes here, are the reasons why this process works.... we have harsh mixed seasons in most places, some more wet others more dry. If in wetter areas make sure the coconut oil is rubbed into pads well after the drops have been added. This ensures enough water protection, and will last your pad for weeks to come. The matter here is checking as much as one can to determine the overall math of the area that needs addressing:)

  • Here's an article I have on getting rid of Japanese beetles, and since most beetles follow a similar life cycle, it should help no matter what type you're facing. Good luck!